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T2202 Tax Form Information for Students

What is a T2202 Tax Form?

A T2202 is a tax receipt that is issued to students reporting the total tuition paid in the previous calendar year. The form shows the amount of tuition that can be reported for income tax purposes, as well as the number of months eligible for the education deduction.

Purpose of the T2202 Form:

  1. Tax Credits: The T2202 form allows students to claim eligible tuition and education amounts on their income tax return. These credits can help reduce the amount of income tax owed or result in a refund.
  2. Proof of Enrollment: It serves as official documentation of enrollment and attendance at a qualifying educational institution, which may be required for various purposes such as student loan applications or other financial assistance programs.

What Information Does It Contain?

The T2202 Tax Form typically includes the following information:

  • Student’s Name & Address
  • Student ID Number
  • Institution’s Name, Address, & Registration Number
  • Name of Course/Program
  • Months of Enrollment
  • Total Eligible Tuition Fees Paid

How to Use It:

When filing your income tax return, you will need to input the information from your T2202 form into the appropriate sections of your tax software or provide it to your tax preparer. 

Why doesn’t my T2202 form match the amount I paid for my course?

The amount listed on the form is based on the tax year (January – December) rather than your academic start/end dates. For courses spanning across two tax/calendar years, tuition fees paid will be reported on two separate forms, representing each tax year.

I’m An International Student, Does This Apply To Me?

In most programs, students who paid over $100 in combined tuition and activity fees during the previous calendar year are eligible for a T2202 tax form. All students, Canadian or International, are eligible for a T2202 Tax form for eligible programs. You should discuss with your tax consultant or Canada Revenue Agency: International Students Studying in Canada as to whether or not you may be entitled to claim the tuition.

How do I get my T2202 form?

The tax form will be prepared by SAE and made available in late February. You will receive a notification via the official email address on file for you.

Additional Resources:

For further guidance on using the T2202 Tax Form and claiming related tax credits, we recommend consulting the Revenue Canada Student and Income Tax Guide [PDF].

Should you have any questions or require assistance regarding your T2202 form, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.