SAE Institute is one of the world’s leading educators in creative media industries. Established in 1976, we now span the globe with over 50 campuses in 25 countries. We're proud to carry on this legacy at our campus in Canada.
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SAE Institute Canada

In Canada, SAE Institute debuted in October 2017 in Vancouver, BC. Previously known as Harbourside Institute of Technology, SAE Institute Vancouver offers diploma and certificate programs in audio and is currently the only audio engineering school in Canada that is both Ableton and Pro Tools certified.

At SAE Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional programs in professional-quality facilities. We ensure our students train on industry-standard equipment under the guidance of experienced professionals in order to be equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the industry after graduation.

Our graduates really do have the competitive edge.

SAE Institute North America

SAE Institute was established in Australia as the School of Audio Engineering in 1976, making it the world’s first audio engineering institute. The early success of SAE Institute and the demand for our practical, theory-based, and industry-relevant training quickly led to the establishment of other campuses across the world. SAE Institute has vastly expanded its curriculum and global network, now offering a diverse array of creative media instruction at more than 50 campuses around the world, to industry and academic acclaim.

SAE Institute first came to North America in 1999, with the opening of a campus in Midtown New York City. Soon after, campuses were opened in other U.S. locations. Today, there are 5 campuses in the United States and one in Canada that continue to uphold the proud tradition of SAE Institute, furthering our mission to provide relevant theory and practice in arts and sciences within the creative media industry for talented, creative young minds who are seeking to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for their craft.

SAE Audio Students

SAE International

Following on from the success of SAE Institute in Australia, the first foreign campus was opened in London in 1985. As in Australia, in the international arena, SAE Institute proved to be highly successful in providing a quality, practical and theoretical curriculum to aspiring professionals in the music industry.

Not long after the London campus was opened, SAE Institute established its first European location in Munich. Munich was to be the first of many foreign language SAE Institute campuses worldwide.

SAE Institute was well established in Europe, Asia, and New Zealand by the mid-1990s, expanding to North America in 1999.

From humble Sydney studio beginnings, SAE Institute today spans the globe with over 50 campuses in more than 25 countries. Beginning with Audio, SAE Institute has evolved over the years, and now also offers qualifications in other creative media disciplines – Animation, Design, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile.

All SAE Institute courses follow the founding principles: high quality, industry-focused, practical, and theoretical education options for creative and talented individuals.

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