5 Reasons why you should consider earning an audio diploma

audio diploma program

You are passionate about making music and think that it would be great to earn a living doing what you love. A career in audio engineering seems to be the go-to choice to get ahead in this exciting industry. But should you work your way up or should you spend time and money to earn an audio diploma?

There are positives to both; but while some jobs don’t require a certificate or a diploma, Jobbank states that most audio engineers have one. And, there are many good reasons why you should invest in the right education before launching your career.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend an audio engineering program:

Hands-on expertise, not just experience

Nothing beats hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment, led by experts with real-life experience. If you choose an audio program you will get personalized education, in-depth insight into how each piece of equipment works, and you will be able to develop a much deeper skill set than you would if you chose on-the-job training.


One of the best parts of earning an audio diploma is meeting your classmates and instructors. In the music industry, who you know is nearly as important as what you know. Meeting like-minded people and industry professionals like our tutors doesn’t only create a fun environment during learning, it might also open you the doors to your dream gig at a later stage.

Higher earnings

Both Statcan and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that people with any educational diploma earn more and get employed more easily than people without higher education.  And with the number of audio engineers rumored to be rising, your diploma could give you the crucial advantage to get the job you’ve had your eye on. 

Ongoing support

A good audio school helps you stay up on trends, new equipment, and assists you long after you leave their facilities.

At SAE Institute Canada, we don’t think our job is done when you graduate. That’s why we decided that all our alumni should get access to our studios and facilities after graduation to give them the best competitive edge. Our graduates also get other perks like support with professional development, networking opportunities, mentorship, and more.

Proof of your capabilities

Employers like to be sure that you can do what you can do. And there is no easier way to prove that you have the necessary skills than an accredited certificate or diploma. 

Are you excited to start your education? Get in touch to get more information about our programs and why SAE Institute might just be the right fit for you. See you on campus!