Reese Antonishin

Freelance Engineer and Producer. Sound Tech and Manager at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy
SAE Institute Vancouver
Reese Antonishin
SAE was one of the best moves I have made for my career in music. The staff and opportunities that I was a part of working with, in such an encouraging and insightful environment, have been invaluable. Being able to get hands on experience in the industry standard studio allowed me to refine my craft to an extent that otherwise would have felt near impossible to obtain. I can't stress enough how much the course and staff put my skills in a whole new league. With a program that is both challenging and fun, I looked forward to every new bit of information to add to my arsenal of music making ability.


Reese is a Producer, Bassist, and Engineer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He moved out to Vancouver in 2018 along with his bandmates. After eleven years of working on and creating music, he chose SAE as the Institution to refine his skills. Currently, he works as a sound tech at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy, as well as a freelance engineer and producer for bands and independent artists. His band Easy Trance, has been working on projects that have been taken to a new level with the experience he gained at SAE.

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