Maki Maruoka

SAE Institute Vancouver


After graduating from SAE in June 2022, I worked as an audio engineer at On the Mic Training, recording voice-over students.  My real goal though was to work in post audio for film.  During my time at SAE I fell in love with post audio and knew that this was what I wanted to do. I attended networking events and joined the Vancouver Post Alliance where I met sound editors actively working in post audio for film and television. 

After sending out emails to every post audio studio in Vancouver I was happy to hear back from Maverick Post Group (they remembered me from a Vancouver Post Alliance networking event, which I think really helped). After an interview and a test edit, I was given the opportunity to dialogue edit my first Hallmark movie in December 2022. It was a huge learning experience and it felt incredible to be getting paid for this work!  I have since been the dialogue editor for several made for television movies and hope to continue building my resume this way.

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