Leno TK

SAE Institute Vancouver
Tettey Tetteh
Being an 18-year-old artist from a town of 7000, dropping everything to come to Vancouver was a big leap. If it wasn’t for SAE being such a connected community I would have had a hell of a time networking in that ecosystem. The production and education, for me, was just the icing on the cake, I learned a lot of what I know today from those lessons even though I felt I was a great engineer coming into it. Let alone the late nights staying in the studio chopping up fun tracks with random people or hanging out with the teachers after the lesson to go over mixes or the endless discounts and free plugins I received through my time there.

The biggest value to me was the people, I met some of my best friends to this day at SAE and ended up playing countless shows just from meeting people at SAE. Now, do not go into it thinking you’ll blow up overnight or be given an industry job just because you attend. Just know that whatever level you are at or whatever goal you want to achieve there is value there for every single situation, as long as you are positive, determined, and work hard you can take it to the next level at SAE.


Ghanaian-Canadian artist Leno TK is a melodic trap and R&B artist, born and raised in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Leno works alongside his producer and brother KJ. From his diverse sound to his uptempo live shows, Leno has a range of unique stylistic attributes that has created a consistent and intriguing new sound.

Following up his debut EP Northstar, Leno had many great achievements in 2021. Leno achieved 1 000 000+ streams, multiple professional music videos, and many successful artist collaborations. Leno plans to make big strides in 2022 and put Vancouver on the map as this young talent continues his come-up.

Follow Tettey on IG @lenotkofficial

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