Joey Creery

Promotions and Marketing Assistant at Crank Music
SAE Institute Vancouver
Joey Creery
After graduating from SAE I had the skills, confidence, and industry awareness to feel comfortable entering such a nebulous industry. SAE gave me a wide exposure to many of the different roles and occupations that make up the music and audio business and let me get a feel for them through in depth and hands on learning. The music industry is so daunting from the outside, but going to SAE let me feel comfortable by showing me all these different entry points and allowed me to envision what a career in music could actually look like. Since graduating, I have been working at Crank Music, a local record label, in promotions and marketing, dealing with social media strategies and radio/streaming service promotions, while also pursuing my own musical goals with the resources that SAE provided to me. I feel very comfortable in the music industry and am excited to see where my career takes me, and to use all the different skills provided to me through my education.


Joey has always been around music, playing in rock bands during high school as well as the school Jazz Band and Concert band. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver in 2015, his interest in hip hop, as well as guitar-based music, influenced him to pursue education more seriously that could allow him to make a career out of these interests. Favorite artists include Polyphia, Kendrick Lamar, and Playboi Carti, and my main interest outside of music is hockey.

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