Gemma Seabrook

Independent Artist & Freelance Producer/Engineer
SAE Institute Vancouver
Gemma Seabrook
Going to SAE taught me how to translate the things in my head into actual music. Lots of people talk about how you can find almost everything that has to do with audio engineering or producing on youtube, and that actually is true. However, knowing this, I still wouldn’t take back going to SAE. I gained experiences so valuable to me, I met people who were like-minded and who I am still friends with AND still produce with, and I learned invaluable knowledge from really talented professionals who have been in the industry for decades. The classes are fairly small, so you do get to really have your questions answered and paid attention to. I didn’t know much at all about any aspect of producing before I started at SAE, and I left with the ability to do freelance work for people and to intricately produce every aspect of my own music. One of the most important experiences of my life.


I was born at a young age in Vancouver, nursed by a pink iPod nano, and, legend has it, lulled to sleep by Rage Against the Machine. After a childhood of making up songs in my head and being told to please stop singing by every member of my family, my quest became clear to me. To create the baddest most banging heavy tracks that made people’s eyes roll back into their heads. I started with GarageBand in a garage, and have since moved on to the vast kingdom of Ableton in a basement. Thus ushering in the birth of gemiva. Not an alter-ego, but a chosen name for the funnel I pour my inspirations, feelings, and ideas into. I write, record, mix, master, and release every one of my songs myself. I want to give people something to bang their heads to and yell sing. Sugar, Spice, and Heavy Drums.

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