Andres Fernandes

Audio Engineer (Recording, Podcast Mixing & Mastering, ADR, Post Audio) at On The Mic Training
SAE Institute Vancouver
Andres Fernandes
I am Andres, known as Höwley (fka. FLYES), from the January 2021 AM cohort, and graduated in September 2021 in the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program.

Already having 7 years of experience as a self-taught home music producer and artist, I was impressed by how much theory I had still left to learn in the Audio Engineering realm. Graduating from SAE Institute took all that previous experience and knowledge, and lifted it up to an industry-standard level.

There’s a clear difference between making music at home on a laptop, and getting the sufficient skills and proficiency level to run an entire studio. From recording techniques and running proper sessions, to hardware routing and post audio, SAE Institute taught us how to be industry-ready and be confident enough to be able to take on projects and finish them, as well as having a professional approach to them.

Shortly after graduating, I landed my first job as an Audio Engineer, working with clients, running Dubbing and Voice-Over classes, as well as gradually doing professional Post Audio work. Being an artist and Music producer, and SAE Institute also gave me the last pieces of knowledge to produce professional sounding tracks and be at my best performance.

The whole staff at SAE Institute Vancouver is very professional, amazing, friendly, and very understanding of our needs. The whole course really puts into perspective the amount of hard work we have to provide while giving us the necessary skills and contacts to enter the music industry.


Andres Fernandes, known as Höwley, is an Artist, Producer, Composer, and Audio Engineer hailing from Vancouver, Canada.

After making music for many years under his FLYES alias and earning more than 12 million plays on Spotify, Höwley decided to restart everything from scratch and make a clean and long-awaited debut in the underground scene, after moving from Belgium to Canada in 2021.

Höwley’s mission is to spread his vision and unconditional love for the underground music scene. His productions range from UK Garage to some rolling and sub-focused Techno and House music. Höwley’s live shows are aimed to be an intense and immersive audio-visual experience, bringing a howling and raw – yet uplifting – atmosphere to the table.

Besides being an artist, Höwley also provides services as an Audio Engineer.

Follow Andres on IG @howleysound

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