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Pro Tools Courses



Pro Tools is the most widely used Digital Audio Production system in the world. The hardware and software was developed by Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, and is used for recording and editing in music production, film scoring, and film/television post production.

Avid manufactures systems that fit any budget, from $200 to $2,000,000. Because of the standardized software, these systems are all compatible with each other, which allows the user a great deal of flexibility.You can record in a professional studio with a fully loaded Pro Tools system – save your session to a hard drive and work with it in your bedroom on your $200 system – move back and forth between any number of Pro Tools facilities. This puts world class production at the fingertips of anyone with Pro Tools know how.

SAE Institute is in partnership with Avid’s Educational Division, and offers official Pro Tools certification. Pro Tools 101, 110 and 130 certification courses are included in the Audio Engineering and Music Production Program and are also offered separately. Pro Tools 201 and 210 certification courses are included in the Advanced Recording Artist program and also offered separately.


Pro Tools 101 - Introduction to Pro Tools

Pro Tools 101

Duration: 16 hours

Audience: Audio enthusiast with little to no Pro Tools experience.

This course covers basic Pro Tools principles. It provides everything you need to complete a Pro Tools project-from initial set up to final mixdown. The course focuses on Pro Tools software and covers a multitude of new functions and feature enhancements. Whether your project involves recording live instruments, MIDI sequencing of software synthesizers, or audio editing or region looping, this course will give you the basic skills to succeed.


  • Basic understanding of recording techniques, processes, and equipment.


  • Create your first session
  • Make your first audio recording
  • Import media into your session
  • Make your first MIDI recording
  • Select and navigate
  • Apply basic and mixed editing techniques
  • Finish your work
  • Create Music and Post hands-on projects



Pro Tools 110 - Pro Tools Production I

Pro Tools 110

Duration: 24 hours

Audience: Musicians, Audio Engineers, Sound Editors for Film or Television

This course provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system above and beyond the knowledge you gained in the Pro Tools 101 course. It covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system at the User level. This course, along with the Pro Tools 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools, provides the foundation to Pro Tools User Certification and for the later 200-series of courses on Pro Tools music and post production.


  • Pro Tools 101 - Introduction to Pro Tools


  • Configure your studio and session
  • Control Pro Tools using external controllers
  • Manage session data and media files
  • Record MIDI and audio, using loop recording and advanced techniques
  • Work with time scales and virtual instruments
  • Work with Avid Elastic Audio
  • Edit and quantize MIDI and audio
  • Use audio editing and file management techniques
  • Apply editing techniques such as the use of Clip Loops
  • Enable, play, view, and edit automation data
  • Mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, Master Faders, and groups



Pro Tools 130 - Pro Tools for Game Audio

Pro Tools 130

Duration: 24 hours

Audience: End-users with basic Pro Tools skills, including

  • Musicians
  • Sound Editors
  • Multimedia Producers, or anyone wishing to become involved in sound for games and interactive media.

This course provides students with exposure to the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools systems. It covers basic sound design techniques along with example workflows. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time to experiment with sample material.


  • Pro Tools 101 (required)
  • Pro Tools 110 (recommended)


  • Understand game audio workflow
  • Work with dialog
  • Incorporate Foley
  • Add sound effects
  • Work with background (ambient) sounds
  • Create an interactive music score
  • Incorporate realistic vehicle sounds
  • Create dynamic cinematics



Pro Tools 201 - Pro Tools Production II

Pro Tools 201

Duration: 16 - 20 hours

Audience: End-users with intermediate Pro Tools skills

Offered as part of our Advanced Recording Artists program. This course covers the core concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools in a professional studio environment. The course continues to build on the fundamental concepts and topics covered in the Pro Tools 100-series of courses. Access to the 201 exam requires passing all previous exams.


  • Pro Tools 101
  • Pro Tools 110


  • Understand Pro Tools|HD Family
  • Optimize your system
  • Configure and navigate sessions
  • Manage sessions using DigiBase browsers
  • Apply selection techniques
  • Edit using alternate tools and advanced nudging techniques
  • Employ HD automation modes
  • Mix with Pro Tools|HD Family
  • Finish the session by creating a final mixdown



Pro Tools 210M - Music Production Techniques

Pro Tools 210

Duration: 24 hours

Audience: End-users with intermediate Pro Tools skills.

Offered as part of our Advanced Recording Artist program. This course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools systems in a professional music production environment. Concepts and skills learned in Pro Tools 101, 110, and 201 are reinforced with practical music-specific examples. Access to the certification exam requires that previous exams have been passed.


  • Pro Tools 101
  • Pro Tools 110
  • Pro Tools 201


  • Prepare a session
  • Track and overdub
  • Control virtual instruments
  • Perform advanced MIDI production
  • Apply professional editing techniques
  • Sample in Pro Tools using software samplers
  • Employ professional audio editing techniques
  • Perform advanced tempo editing
  • Arrange and produce using advanced techniques
  • Mix and automate
  • Print your mix
  • Vancouver, BC

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Pro Tools 101: $400*
Pro Tools 110: $550*
Pro Tools 130: $550*

Take both Pro Tools 101 and 110 and receive a $50 discount. Avid courseware included.

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