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Audio Engineering and Music Production


* In response to COVID-19, SAE Vancouver is temporarily offering our AEMP Diploma program online, to learn more about our unique hybrid delivery model inquire now and a member of our admissions team will contact you to review ASAP.

Program Overview

The Audio Engineering and Music Production diploma program provides 720 hours of integrated theory and real world studio practicals that can be completed in as few as 9 months. Learn the key skills and fundamental components of audio engineering and music production, understand the music industry, and get practical, industry standard training including Pro Tools & Ableton certification.

  • 4 hours per day
  • 5 days per week
  • Integrated theory and real world studio practicals

Course Outline

Recording Techniques

  • Microphone Design and Placement
  • Recording Projects, from Vocals to Live Bands
  • Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles
  • RADAR, Tape, and Pro Tools Recording
  • Assistant Engineering
  • Signal Flow and Processing
  • Overdubbing and Editing
  • Running Studio Sessions

Acoustics and Studio Design

  • Waveforms and the Physics of Sound
  • Studio Design and Construction
  • Equipment Construction
  • Basic Electronics
  • Soldering and Wiring
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Project and Professional Studio Installations

Album Production

  • Song Charts and Tempos
  • Budgets and Studio Bookings
  • Concept and Song Elements
  • Producing an Artist
  • Equipment Selection
  • Recording Studio Communication and Etiquette
  • Session Musicians and The American Federation of Musicians

Digital Audio Workstation Systems

  • Digital Audio Theory
  • Editing Techniques
  • Recording Platforms
  • Digital Clocking Systems
  • Digital Interfaces and Connectivity
  • Codecs and Formats
  • Advanced Computer Operation
  • Computer Design and Maintenance

Pro Tools 101

  • Create your first session
  • Make your first audio recording
  • Import media into your session
  • Make your first MIDI recording
  • Select and navigate
  • Apply basic and mixed editing techniques
  • Finish your work
  • Create a music hands-on project
  • Create a post hands-on project

Pro Tools 110

  • Configure your studio and session
  • Control Pro Tools using external controllers
  • Manage session data and media files
  • Record MIDI and audio, using loop recording and advanced techniques
  • Work with time scales and virtual instruments
  • Work with Avid Elastic Audio
  • Edit and quantize MIDI and audio
  • Use audio editing and file management techniques
  • Apply editing techniques such as the use of Beat Detective for Region Looping
  • Enable, play, view, and edit automation data
  • Mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, Master Faders, and groups

Pro Tools 130 Game Audio

  • Understand game audio workflow
  • Work with dialog
  • Incorporate Foley
  • Add sound effects
  • Work with background (ambient) sounds
  • Create an interactive music score
  • Incorporate realistic vehicle sounds
  • Create dynamic cinematics

Modern Mixing Techniques

  • Stereo and 5.1 Mixing
  • Effects
  • Equalization
  • Dynamics
  • Re-Amping
  • Re-Mixing
  • Mastering

Electronic Music

  • Beat and Loop Production
  • Sampling
  • Ableton Live
  • DJing with Serato and Ableton
  • Autotune and Melodyne
  • Synthesis
  • Sequencing and Synth Programming
  • MIDI

Music Theory and Song Writing

  • Chord Structure
  • Chord Progressions and Analysis
  • Scales, Keys
  • Tempo and Time Signatures
  • Chord Substitution Theory
  • Studio Session Charts
  • Cycle of Fifths
  • Overtone Series
  • Song Structure
  • Creative Lyric Writing
  • Creating Memorable Melodies
  • Writing from a Title
  • Rhyme Schemes

The Business of Music

  • Small Business Planning "Starting Your Own Musician Business"
  • Goal Setting & Situational Analysis "Entrepreneurship is Essential"
  • Understanding Music Copyright
  • Music Publishing 101 "The Flow of Rights & The Flow of Dough"
  • Resources & Associations "A Helping Hand"
  • Major Label vs Indie label
  • Sales, Marketing, Publicity & Promotion "Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan"
  • The 6 Phases of Online Music Marketing
  • Marketing With Data "Using Analytics To Measure Results"
  • Distribution "Getting Your Music Out There"
  • DIY 101 "Doing It Yourself Best Practices"
  • Direct To Fan (D2F) Marketing "Managing Your Tribe"
  • Niche Marketing Techniques "Super Serve Your Customer"
  • Social Media Marketing "Everything Must Cross Promote"
  • Email Marketing 101
  • 20 Things You Must Know About Being Online
  • Building a Press Kit
  • The Top 10 Truths of The Business We Call Music
  • Promoting Your Music To The World of Film & Television
  • How Artists and Their Managers Will Shape The Future

Audio for Film, Video, and New Media

  • 5.1 Mixing
  • Foley, Sound Effects, and Dialog Recording
  • Editing to Picture
  • Synchronization and Timecode
  • Sound Design
  • Set Recording and Playback
  • Pre-lay Animation Recording
  • Sound Effect Library Creation

Live Sound

  • PA Design
  • Room Tuning
  • Avid Live Sound Systems - "Venue" consoles
  • Tour Management
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Venue Construction
  • Live Recording
  • Live Internet Streams


Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production

This program has been reviewed and approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch.

  • Vancouver, BC


Career Options

  • Interactive Installation Developer
  • Installation Technician
  • DSP Developer
  • Composer
  • Audio Application Developer
  • Orchestrator
  • Studio Engineer
  • Field Recordist
  • Audio Producer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Audio Engine Integrator
  • A/V Technician
  • Audio Tester
  • Technical Audio Director
  • Project Manager
  • Audio Tools Programmer
  • Audio Director
  • Audio Manager
  • Technical Sound Designer
  • Foley Artist
  • ADR Specialist
  • Field Recordist
  • Mix Engineer
  • Audio Software Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Editor
  • Technical Audio Artist
  • Music Specialist

Key facts


    9 Months


    Apr 2022

    Jul 2022

    Oct 2022


    Enrol By: 04 Apr 2022

    Start Date: 04 Apr 2022

    End Date: 22 Dec 2022



Entry requirements

For entry requirements, please see our Admissions section.

Fees and Payments

Tuition $16,060.00
Textbooks & Materials   $1,108.10
Registration Fee     $100.00


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